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Dear Customer,


Thank you for choosing the car hire service offered by DRIVALIA. Nowadays, renting a car has become such a simple and fast process that we often aren't aware of the concrete advantages of choosing to hire a car rather than use our own.

A car today is something we can't do without, but there are high costs to bear in terms of depreciation, taxes, financial charges, insurance, maintenance and garaging. And it's for this reason that the demand for hired cars is in constant growth: to have the car available in the desired location and just for the time it's strictly needed, leaving all obligations to the Car Hire Company, and more importantly all the costs that accrue even when the vehicle isn't in use. It may be useful to know that DRIVALIA, the Car Rental Company you are contacting, is present in all national airports and in all Regions of Italy, with a total of over 165 branch locations. On top of that, since DRIVALIA is part of an international circuit you can benefit from DRIVALIA services in more than 85 countries worldwide.

DRIVALIA's main objective is to provide the highest standards of service for our Customers. To this end DRIVALIA wants to make its Customers aware that the mobility service carried out is the result of a complex grouping of activities, based on a relationship between the parties that is essentially one of trust.  

Indicatively DRIVALIA's fleet consists of low-powered vehicles (35%), medium-powered vehicles (35%), high-powered and special vehicles (25%) and 5% light goods vehicles. When making a booking the small and medium vehicles are immediately confirmed automatically, while the others are confirmed after a few hours.

The whole of DRIVALIA's fleet, as listed above, is always available at our airport branches and in the biggest cities, while in smaller towns the low and medium-powered vehicles are available. At the seasonal branches only small vehicles are available.

Our level of service, over and above the composition of the fleet, also takes into account an equitable distribution in terms of duration between daily, weekly, monthly and long term rentals (25%) and a balanced division between rentals which start with pick up from airports and those with pick up in cities.

To guarantee a service standard of absolute quality we therefore advise our Great Customers to inform us about their routine rental requirements and if possible coordinate with DRIVALIA for different and specific needs that require customisation with regard to our standards.

We feel you should know that respect is a priority value at DRIVALIA. We respect the environment, with cars in line with the anti-smog regulations (Euro 4); and to guarantee the maximum level of road safety we always provide new cars with an average age of 6 months, equipped with the latest safety devices.

Should you notice anything wrong or any negligence we urge you to communicate it to us promptly as we constantly aim to improve the quality of our service and increase Customer Satisfaction.

When renting a car the driver takes on full responsibility for any infringement of the Highway Code or the Law, for any damage to third parties, for any damage to the rented vehicle and for failure to exercise due care and attention in safeguarding the rented vehicle.

When the rental service is provided through and on behalf of Companies, Tour Operators, Replacement Companies or Car Rental Companies with medium/long term contracts there may be joint responsibility between the parties, but with no change to the direct responsibility of the driver. 

The rate we apply will vary depending on the needs, requirements and security you feel you must satisfy. More precisely, the rate is the sum due for the services described below.

Basic Services

Basic Service, included in the rates:

1. The plain cost of the rental, which varies on the basis of chosen vehicle, duration and the forecasted mileage (commonly called time/mile).

2. Third party insurance cover from leading insurers

3. C.D.R. protection (Collision Damage Reduction), an agreed reduction of the Customer's responsibility in the case of damage to the car while driving. C.D.R doesn't cover damage to windows, roof, wheels, interiors and underbody.

4. T.P. protection (Theft Protection) which limits, to preset amounts, the responsibility of the Customer in case of theft of the rented vehicle. The T.P. will not be valid if the vehicle's keys are not returned to DRIVALIA.

Optional service

Optional service, supplied on demand, which lets you drive with greater peace of mind in the chaotic city and motorway traffic: Pack 2 Super Cover eliminates any sums due for damage, total theft, partial theft or fire with regard to the rented vehicle, including any damage to windows, roof, wheels, interiors and underbody. The driver remains responsible in the case of negligence in accordance with Arts. 1176 and 1229 of the Italian Civil Code.

Supplementary services

Supplementary services, supplied exclusively in the case of objective necessities or circumstances, calling for an added cost to the Renting Company and consequently partial reimbursement by the Customer. These are:

 1. Airport charges for hiring services that begin in airports and are therefore subject to the regulations envisaged for the paid use of airport facilities.

2. Railway charges for hiring services that begin in railway stations and are therefore subject to the regulations envisaged for the paid use of railway facilities.

3. Road tax, vehicle charges for generalised services in the context of bureaucratic formalities and the constant inflation of legal obligations.

4. Management fee, a charge for the bureaucratic formalities with the local authorities.

Special events

Special events, supplied exclusively in specified circumstances, calling for an added cost for the management of bureaucratic formalities with the local authorities. These consist, for example, of:

1. Expenses for processing fines, expenses for the administration service supplied to the customer for transmission of documentation regarding the rental contract and for re-notification of administrative sanctions imposed by the Police following infringement of the Highway Code during the period of possession of the vehicle.

2. Accident management expenses, bureaucratic expanses supported by the Rental Company to the vehicle reparation.

Accessory services

Accessory services, supplied on the Customer's request. These consist, for example, of:

1. Fuel service and cost of the amount lacking should the vehicle be returned without a full tank.

2. Delivery and recovery service in the case of pick up and drop off at places other than a DRIVALIA Rental Branch.

3. Second driver service to fulfil obligations for joint parties assuming joint responsibility in function of the vehicle being rented to more than one person.

4. Service for the supply of other items such as snow chains, ski-rack, baby seat, navigator etc.

5. Drop off, for the service of picking up the vehicle in one place and dropping it off in another. This charge substantially consists of the cost of delivering the vehicle to its place of origin.

6.Out of hour, if the client desires to pick up the car during the closing time of the location.


Dear Customer,

We feel that this basic information may help you towards a better knowledge of our service as a whole, so you can select the rates most suited to your specific and contingent requirements.

Bon voyage !!





Last Update 17.10.2022