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Terms and conditions to cancel a booking:

Your booking can't be modified but just deleted through the cancellation service. After that you can add a new one.

Cancellation's conditions of a Flex Booking-Pay at the desk:

Your Flex booking-Pay at the desk could be cancelled without any administrative payment till 1 hr before the booking start.

Conditions for the PREPAID booking change or cancellation:

Your Prepaid booking could be cancelled with the application of a penalty fee 18,00 euro, till 72 hrs before the booking start. Amount paid during booking confirmation will be reimbursed on your credit card used for the payment. Reimbursment wouldn't be expected in the following occurrences: reimbursment request happens after the terms (till 72 hrs before the booking start), the customer ,doesn't come for the car's pick up time agreed, necessary requirements missing (ex: unvalid credit card, age, missing driving licence, ecc.) drop the car before the agreed time, booking cancellation after car's pick up day agreed.