Prepaid conditions

Last update: 17.10.2022


Only valid for the product sold on the website for rentals taking place in Italy.


“DRIVALIA PREPAID” rates are paid for in advance.

Prepaid rates and information

The rental will be paid for in advance by credit card when creating the reservation online. The following credit cards are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Prepaid cards, electron cards, debit cards and cash are not accepted.

The confirmation voucher, which must be presented at the moment of pick up to collect the vehicle, will be sent to the driver directly via email, to the email address provided when creating the booking.

When collecting the vehicle the Customer, who will be signing the rental agreement, must provide a financial credit card on his or her own name as means of payment for the security deposit which will be requested via pre-authorization on the credit card, and for the payment of all eventual extras not included in the reservation.

Cash cards, prepaid credit cards, electron cards or debit cards will NOT be accepted at the moment of pick up the vehicle.

The general terms and conditions printed on the back of the rental agreement signed by the driver at the moment of pick up, will be the ones applied for the rental. Data regarding the driver and the payment details, confirmed when creating the reservation, cannot be amended.

Included in the value of the Voucher

Our rates are in Euros and include CDW and TP coverage, local taxes, airport surcharges and VAT at 22%. The included mileage varies depending on the selected rate, and is specified when creating the reservation. The rates are available for rentals of a maximum duration of 30 days.

Flight Information

The correct flight number and arrival time must be provided when making the reservation. Where these details are not provided, DRIVALIA cannot be held responsible for the non-availability of the vehicle in case of delays. In the event of a pick up outside the opening hours of the branch an additional cost will be charged locally on the Customer’s credit card.

Security Deposit

At the moment of pick up, the Driver must present his or her own personal financial Credit Card for the security deposit which will vary depending on the type of vehicle rented and the length of the rental itself. Cash cards, electron credit cards, prepaid cards and debit cards are not accepted for the pick-up of the vehicle.


Choice of the vehicle

It is not possible to guarantee a specific car model, DRIVALIA will confirm the car group depending on actual availability.

Age Restrictions

The driver must be at least 21 years old.

The driver must be in possession of and provide a Driving License valid from at least 1 year and an additional valid identification document (passport and/or ID card).


DRIVALIA always provides the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. The car must be returned with a full tank to avoid incurring into additional refuelling charges, referred to in our Terms and Conditions.


Once the reservation request has been created by pressing the “Prenota” key, DRIVALIA will verify the actual availability of the car group and process the payment.
Once verified, DRIVALIA will confirm the reservation and proceed with the emission of the invoice. It will not be possible to amend the reservation, but it will only be possible to cancel it. The Customer will have the possibility to cancel the reservation up to 72 hours before the beginning of the rental with the application of a penalty fee of 18,00 Eur.

No refund will be authorized for any cancellation request received with less than a 72 hour notice from the beginning of the rental. Reservations created on the same day as the day of pick up are not refundable, as the cancellation request would not be sent with the required 72 hour notice. No refund is authorized in the following cases: no show (if the Customer doesn’t pick up the vehicle), if the Customer arrives with more  delay than what has been authorized, if at the moment of collection of the vehicle the Customer does not fulfil the standard requirements (e.g. possession of financial credit card on the driver’s name- NOT ELECTRON, PREPAID, CASH OR DEBIT CARD – for the security deposit, minimum required age, possession of valid documents and driving license, etc.), if the vehicle is returned earlier than what originally reserved, or if the Customer requests the cancellation on or after the selected pick-up date.

The Reservation Cancellation Request can be sent online directly from the “Gestione Prenotazioni” page on our website, which can be reached by clicking on the following LINK , or via e-mail writing to, and attaching the confirmation voucher received when making the reservation.

Collection of the vehicle

The Driver must present the DRIVALIA Confirmation Voucher containing all the information regarding the rental, together with the valid driving license, ID or Passport, and his or her own financial Credit Card (not electron, not prepaid, not debit card)

General Terms and Conditions

The rates published on our website are subject to variations without prior notice. The applied Terms and Conditions, are the ones published on our website “” during the rental and the ones printed on the rental agreement signed by the driver at the moment of collection of the vehicle. Conditions valid only for the product sold on the website for rentals taking place in Italy.