General Terms and Conditions

DRIVALIA General Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Updates are available on the www.drivalia.it website

The Terms and Conditions of agreement customers may differ from the published General Terms and Conditions.

Updated on 17.10.2022

The following Terms and Conditions are an integration of those provided in the Rental Agreement signed by the Customer.

VAT 22%: All prices on this page are in Euro and must be increased by VAT 22% with the exception of the amounts defined as "penalty". 

Age restriction and documents required: 

  • 21 years of age, Tax code (subjects resident in Italy), driving licence valid from at least one year and another valid identity document (Identity card and/or passport). A Young Driver surcharge of € 15,00 per day will be applied for drivers between 21 and 24 years of age for max 15 days.

  • For the CarCloud subscription service: driving licence valid and issued at least since one year, tax code and valid identity document (identity card and/or passport).

  • For rentals related to Mini Car (heavy quadricycle category L7E pursuant to Art. 47 of the Highway Code) the second guide may be at least 16 years old and have held a B1 license for at least 6 months.

  • Fleet Distribution: The rental of special vehicles (F, N, O, U, Y, R, T, S, Z, P, Q, W, V, K, 1, 2, 3, 4) is subject to confirmation depending on actual availability.

Please note that in the rental service related to Tesla brand cars, any additional services provided directly by Tesla are excluded and can only be accessed at own expense by customers who are subscription rental service holders

Payment methods and security deposit: The Customer is required to leave a security deposit by his own credit card, issued in the customer's country of residence, which must be presented at the moment of pick-up of the vehicle.

The security deposit amount will correspond to the following amounts, which vary according to the rented car group:

  • CAR GROUPS A/B/C/5/6/7        - Eur 600,00

  • CAR GROUPS D/E/H/G/I/N/M/8  -  Eur 800,00

  • CAR GROUPS J/L/Y/O/U/X/#      -  Eur 800,00

  • CAR GROUPS R/P/FURGONI       -  Eur 1000,00

  • CAR GROUPS F, S, Z, $            -  Eur 1.000,00 (euro 500.000 on each credit card)

   Two financial credit cards required

  • CAR GROUPS W, Q, T, K, V         -  Eur 2.000,00 (euro 1.000 on each credit card)

   Two financial credit cards required


  (excluding subscriptions for car groups F, Q, T, W, V, S, K, Z, $)

  • SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE CARBOX          -  Eur 1,00

  (excluding subscriptions for car groups F, Q, T, W, V, S, K, Z, $)


  (excluding subscriptions for car groups F, Q, T, W, V, S, K, Z, $)

N.B. For premium cars (car groups F, Q, T, W, V, S, K, Z, $), also for subscription services, the customer, signatory of the rental agreement, must provide 2 financial credit cards, both to be issued in the customer’s country of residence, in order to allow the acquisition of a security deposit on both cards. For rentals related to premium cars (car groups F, Q, T, W, V, S, K, Z, $), on each credit card provided, the amounts over indicated will be acquired as a security deposit.

Cash, Bancomat, cash-cards, debit cards, Visa Electron or prepaid cards, DINERS CLUB credit cards, are not accepted. 

Territorial Restrictions: The customer is not allowed to go abroad with the rented car, unless specific and prior authorization by DRIVALIA S.p.A., as subject to specific limitations and prescriptions. To request authorization for transit abroad, the customer can write to the following e-mail address: transitoestero@drivalia.com

As indicated on the "Rental Agreement" vehicles are not allowed to be returned abroad. 

Delivery and collection of the vehicle: One day of rental is made up of 24 hours. The rental starts from the day, time the vehicle is delivered to the Customer and will end on the day, and time the vehicle is returned to DRIVALIA. The vehicle is delivered in perfect conditions and must be returned to DRIVALIA in the same conditions as it was delivered, with exception for ordinary wear and tear. In case special cleaning of the vehicle is required at the return of the car, DRIVALIA will charge the extra cleaning service to the Customer by informing ad sending him the related documentation.

Extension: An authorization by DRIVALIA is necessary to extend the rental. The Customer must contact DRIVALIA at least 24 hours before the agreed drop off date. In case of extension without prior authorization, the extra days will be invoiced at the highest daily Standard rate.

Time Tolerance: The Customer has to communicate, to the DRIVALIA location, the possible delay for the pick-up of the vehicle, in absence of any communication a time tolerance of 1 hour will be applied according to the time confirmed in the reservation; exceeded this tolerance the reservation will be considered cancelled without notice. 

A 59 minutes time tolerance is allowed when returning the car (starting from pick-up time), after which one extra rental day will be charged at the highest public rate. 

Third Parties Liability R.C.A. DRIVALIA’s vehicles’ insurance includes Third Parties Liability (R.C.A.) as required by the current law in the Country where the car has been registered.

Basic Services included in the rate**: DRIVALIA rates are made up of basic services namely those services coming from the use of the vehicle (Time/Km) and of the reduction of responsibility for damages and theft of the rented vehicle (CDR and TP service) and road assistance in case of break down caused by mechanical issues not attributable to the Customer’s fault.

DAMAGES FOR COLLISION - CDR Service*: CDR Service is included in all DRIVALIA rates and by convention, it is equal to 22% of the applied rates. This service is not an insurance coverage but a conventional reduction of Customer’s responsibility concerning damage to the vehicle during the rental, including that caused from traffic circulation and damage subsequent to collisions. The responsibility reduction applies up to a maximum chargeable amount as penalty for each event, which varies depending on the rented car group:

  • CAR GROUPS A/B/C/5/6/7                         - Eur 1.200,00

  • CAR GROUPS D/E/H/G/I/N/M/8              - Eur 2.000,00

  • CAR GROUPS J/L /Y/O/U/X/#/$                - Eur 2.500,00

  • CAR GROUPS F/R/Z/S/P/VANS                    - Eur 3.000,00

  • CAR GROUPS W/V/Q/T/K                              - Eur 5.000,00

*CDR Service does not include damage caused by vandalism and that caused to windows, windscreens, roof, underbody, wheels and interiors.

THEFT AND FIRE - TP Service: TP Service is included in all DRIVALIA rates, conventionally equal to 18% of the applied rates. This service is not an insurance coverage but a conventional reduction of Customer’s responsibility in case of total and/or partial theft or fire. With TP Service, the maximum amount due as penalty by the Customer to DRIVALIA varies depending on the rented car group:

  • CAR GROUPS A/B/C/5/6/7                      - Eur 2.000,00

  • CAR GROUPS D/E/H/G/I/N/M/8          - Eur 2.500,00

  • CAR GROUPS J/L/Y/O/U/X/#/$             - Eur 3.500,00

  • CAR GROUPS F/R/Z/S/P/FURGONI          - Eur 4.000,00

  • CAR GROUPS W/V/Q/T/K                           - Eur 5000,00 

DRIVALIA recommends parking the car in “secured parking areas”.

 **See last note of the following paragraph

OPTIONAL SERVICES NOT INCLUDED IN THE RATE: Customer can eliminate the damage or theft economic responsibility signing for the optional service Pack 2 SUPER COVER

PACK 2 SUPER COVER SERVICE**: It’s not an insurance coverage. If requested and signed for at the moment of pick-up it eliminates the maximum amount due by the Customer for damages or theft and fire. Pack 2 SUPER COVER Service also covers weather damages, damages caused by vandalism and to windows/windscreens, roof, body, wheels and tyres and inside. Pack 2 Super Cover Service has the following daily costs:

  • CAR GROUPS A/B/C/5/6/7                     - Eur 24,00 per day

  • CAR GROUPS D/E/H/G/I/N/M/8          - Eur 24,00 per day

  • CAR GROUPS J/L/Y/O/U/X/#/$             - Eur 40,00 per day

  • CAR GROUPS F/R/Z/S/P/FURGONI         - Eur 50,00 per day

  • CAR GROUPS W/V/Q/T/K                          - Eur 70,00 per day

IN CASE OF THEFT IN CALABRIA, CAMPANIA, IN PUGLIA, IN CATANIA TOWN AND PROVINCE: Pack 2 SUPER COVER service doesn’t find complete application in the event of partial/total theft or fire taking place in Campania, Puglia, Calabria or in the town and province of Catania. In these circumstances the total elimination of the deductible will not apply, the Customer will be economically responsible according to the reduced amounts stated below:

  • CAR GROUPS A/B/C/5/6/7                      - Eur 1.000,00

  • CAR GROUPS D/E/H/G/I/N/M/8           - Eur 1.250,00

  • CAR GROUPS J/L /Y/O/U/X/#/$              - Eur 1.750,00

  • CAR GROUPS F/R/Z/S/P/VANS                - Eur 2.000,00

  • CAR GROUPS W/V/Q/T/K                          - Eur 2.500,00

- Optional G&T “Glass and Tyres” service: It is not an insurance coverage. If requested and signed for on the rental agreement at the moment of pick up, this service eliminates the amounts due by the Customer for any damage occurring to glasses and tyres of the vehicle

Damage to glass and tyres caused by vandalism or weather events remains excluded from the coverage.

G&T “Glass and Tyres” service has an additional cost of EURO 5,00 per day charged for a maximum of 10 days of rental. 


**The services CDR, TP and SUPER COVER SERVICE, G&T are not valid if the driver's behaviour is in contrast with article 1176 of Civil Code. In any case, the driver cannot make use of any restriction of responsibility in case of negligence, fraud or gross negligence according to art. 1229 of the Civil Code. In all these circumstances, the Customer will be held fully responsible for the full value of the vehicle, prior document exchange between the parties regarding the event.

Supplementary Services AIRPORT SURCHARGE or RAILWAY SURCHARGE: 16% of rate for rentals starting in airport and railway locations. 

ROAD TAX: Euro 2 per each day of rental

Special Events

Basic Road Assistance: In case of breakdown, the Customer must contact the dedicated Road Assistance Service. For the replacement of the vehicle, which will depend on vehicle availability and office opening hours, the Customer must then make his own way to the nearest DRIVALIA branch. If the break down and/or intervention for which the road assistance is required is not attributable to the Customer’s fault, expenses incurred into (trip, hotel, etc.) to reach the DRIVALIA location or to continue the trip without a DRIVALIA vehicle will be refundable for a maximum amount of Euro 200,00, provided all expenses receipts are available, made exception of cases where damage or loss is a direct consequence of the breakdown itself as established by art. 1223 c.c. For any other kind of inconvenience, the refund and/or compensation will not exceed the total value of the rental, made exception of cases where damage or loss is a direct consequence of the breakdown itself as dictated by art. 1223 c.c..

In case the request for road assistance or the mechanical failure is attributable to the Customer's fault, the latter will be required to pay back DRIVALIA for the costs of the road assistance.

Extra Road Assistance: this is an optional service not included in the rates, available in addition to the basic road assistance included in the rental. This service covers the costs for the intervention and recovery of the vehicle by Road Assistance even in the event the break down and/or the necessity of intervention is attributable to the Customer’s fault, such as: dead battery, flat tyre, wrong type of fuel, running out of fuel, keys locked inside the car, etc. The Extra Road Assistance Service has an additional cost of EURO 3,00 per day charged for a maximum of 10 days of rental.

USE OF THE VEHICLE For the driver’s safety and the right maintenance of the vehicle, the Customer must respect the maximum amount of mileage established by the different rate profiles chosen by the Customer. In case of exceeding mileage, DRIVALIA reserves the right to charge higher amounts as provided for the Rental Agreement Conditions at the back of the Rental Agreement. 

ACCIDENT AND DAMAGE In the event of any accident or damage to the vehicle, the Customer must inform DRIVALIA by writing a report within 24 hours from the event or at the moment of drop off, using the specific form (CAI) that can be found in the car’s document folder or by filling in the "Accident Form" In addition, the Customer shall have all necessary investigations performed by the competent authorities. The failed observance of this duty causes deep economic damage to DRIVALIA, for this reason the driver will be charged as a penalty an amount between the minimum of Euro 500,00 (amount not subject to VAT) and the maximum of Euro 2000,00 (amount not subject to VAT). The Customer must provide communication about the accident even in case Super Cover Service has been included in the rental.

FINES Any fine issued during the rental period will be at the Customer’s expense. DRIVALIA will communicate to the Authorities the driver’s details (Re-notification) within the time limits imposed by the Italian law or they will be debited and sent to the Customer within prescription time limits. Charge fee for each re-notification, as a penalty, of Euro 40,00 will be charged on the credit card provided for the deposit at the moment of pick up. 


  • KEY LOSS AND/OR DAMAGE: Euro 250,00


REFUELLING SERVICE: The Customer has to return the car, at the end of the rental, with a full tank and to note it on the check-in document with a DRIVALIA employee. If the vehicle is not refuelled, the Customer will be charged for the fuel restoration service made up by a fixed amount and a flat-rate amount.

The fixed amount of Euro 18,00 will be charged to the Customer in addition of a flat-rate amount applied by DRIVALIA for the litres of fuel missing calculated at an increased price in comparison with the market price.

The charged fuel price will be the one published online at the moment of drop off with reference to the last update available, which currently is:

Petrol: Euro 1,93 per litre - Diesel/AdBlue: Euro 2,04 per litre

In particular agreements, where the fixed refuelling service amount is not expected, a flat-rate amount for missing fuel litres will be charged calculated at an increased price in comparison with market price, at the following amounts:

Petrol: Euro 2,45 per litre Diesel/AdBlue: Euro 2,58 per litre

The Refuelling Service amounts are updated periodically.

Electric and hybrid car charging service:

The electric and hybrid cars in the DRIVALIA fleet can be equipped with a standard domestic charging cable (3KW), a type 2 cable (22 KW) and an RFID Card EnelX charging card, as given in the related delivery report.

The customer can recharge the car, following the instructions in the vehicle use and maintenance booklet, at his home or at the DRIVALIA E-parking columns in the enabled  Mobility Stores (see list published on the website mobilitystore.drivalia.com in the E-parking section), or at the Enel X public network or Enel X affiliated partners using the RFID Card EnelX charging card.

The charging service at the enabled  Mobility Stores is offered to the customer free of charge, while the charging service through the Enel X public network or Enel X affiliated partners will be charged to the customer as follows:

  • TYPE2_C - 0.70€ +iva KWh

  • TYPE3_A - 0.70€ +iva KWh

  • CCS2 - 0.84€ +iva KWh

  • CHADEMO - 0.84€ +iva KWh 

The amounts due for the charging service may be subject to updates and variations.

In case of theft, loss, damage or tampering of the domestic charging cable or type 2 cable, a penalty of € 250.00 will be applied for each cable.

In case of theft, loss, damage and / or tampering of the RFID Card, a penalty of € 50.00 will be applied.

DRIVALIA may block and request the return of the RFID Card in case of improper or abnormal use (maximum 100 KW per day) exceeding the charge related to the rental car.


Parking after charging is completed

If the vehicle is not removed from the charging station within 60 minutes after the vehicle charging session is completed, each minute starting from the sixtieth after the end of the charging session and up to the moment in which the connector is removed from the socket, will be charged at the following amounts:

  • TYPE2_C - 0.09 € +iva al minuto

  • TYPE3_A - 0.09 € +iva al minuto

  • CCS2 - 0.18 € +iva al minuto

  • CHADEMO - 0.18 € +iva al minuto

Extra Mileage: In the event extra kilometres on top of what already included in the booked rate, DRIVALIA reserves the right to apply a charge to the Customer of a specific cost for every extra kilometre depending on the rented car group between € 0.15 + VAT and € 0.35 + VAT. In any case, DRIVALIA reserves the right to take action in the event of any major damage.

DELIVERY AND COLLECTION: When the vehicle is delivered or collected in a place different from a DRIVALIA location: Within city limits: Euro 23,00 Out of city limits: Euro 2,00 per Km with a min of 30 Km.

ONE WAY: When the vehicle is returned to a place different from that, it was initially rented. With DRIVALIA authorization Italy: Euro 58,00

OUT OF HOURS: Out of hours, pick up of the vehicle is permitted on specific request of the Customer. The Customer during the booking process may request to pick up the car out of the opening hours of the rental location at the following extra costs: Euro 40.00

ADDITIONAL DRIVER: Euro 9,00 per day.

YOUNG DRIVER: Minimum age 21, driving licence valid from at least one year and another valid identity document (Identity card and/or passport) are required. A Young Driver surcharge of € 15,00 per day will be applied for drivers between 21 and 24 years of age for max 15 days.

Anti-abandonment devices are not available for children under the age of 4 (Article 172 paragraph 1bis of the Highway Code), therefore the customer can request and collect the baby seat only if in possession of his own device, for which he will be fully responsible for related assembly, use and operation.

The above-mentioned legislation applies only to drivers resident in Italy.

WINTER TIRES/SNOW CHAINS: From November 15th to April 15th, an obligation for all cars travelling on some specific Italian locations, routes or highways may be in force, which mandates cars to travel equipped with winter tires or snow chains on board. You can check, even before starting your journey and collecting your vehicle, whether any of such obligations apply along your route by visiting, for instance, the following websites www.cciss.it, http://mobile.cciss.it/, http://www.poliziadistato.it/articolo/50/.

You can request to include snow chains in your rental's rate by selecting them from the "Ancillary Services" when making your reservation or directly at our rental office.

NAVIGATION SYSTEM GPS: Euro 12,00 per day max 8 days per rental/month. Navigation system must be returned to the pick-up location otherwise the Customer will be charged an additional Euro 50,00. In case of loss, damage or theft, the chargeable amount will be of Euro 200,00 even if Pack 2 Super Cover service has been subscripted. It is not possible to book Navigation System, it's possible to request it at the desk and it is always subject to availability.