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Drivalia S.p.A., a rental company owned subsidiary of CA Auto Bank Group, has started a rebranding project of its activities, which led to the birth of DRIVALIA: a new European mobility player controlled by CA Auto Bank (and, from 2023, part of the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group).

DRIVALIA wants to represent the “Planet of Mobility” of the future, providing its customers with the widest range of mobility solutions: from electric car sharing to innovative car subscriptions, short, medium and long-term rental.
At the core of DRIVALIA's vision there is the development of a full range of mobility solutions, providing innovative mobility plans that combine flexibility, digital use, on-demand approach and sustainability.

DRIVALIA operates across 14 European countries (Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic and Finland) and the company's presence in Europe unfolds through more than 650 DRIVALIA Mobility Stores, 1,600 charging stations, and a large fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles.